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General Questions

Here we gather all the answers for the most common questions. If you don't find the answer, please contact us.

What is Free Service?

By default, you are using MP3Lio as a Free Service.
In this case our app will rely on a third party service to download mp3 files, thus we can not guarantee the reliability or the quality of the downloads.

What is Premium Service?

You can also get access to our Premium Service.
Using our Premium Service, you will be able to download mp3 files through our dedicated converter server. It won't block, stop or restrict you. It will work just fine.

Free Service Questions

I choosed download all, and it downloads nothing, or not all of them. What happened?
» If they don't cache the MP3 files, they won't popup in this case. You can still download them on the 3rd party's site.
» It can also happen, that you exceed the limits. In this case you have to wait for a while and try it again later.
You can also consider choosing our Premium Service.

Premium Service Questions

I purchased some Premium Minutes, but I don't see them.
It happens very rarely, but if it's so, please be patient and try a relogin a little bit later. You can also check your purchase history in the Settings menu. If your problem still isn't solved, don't hesitate to contact us.

I purchased Premium Minutes, but download all didn't work.

This happens ver rarely, it could be caused by:
» Missing or private video.
» Temporary server outage.
Don't worry, we'll return all your failed minutes in maximum 1-2 hours, maybe a relogin will be required, then you can try again. We'll decrease your Premium Minutes permanently just in case of success. You can also check your Premium Download History in the Settings menu.

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